A Delegation for Aurubis Visited Assarel-Medet JSC

A delegation from the head office of one of the biggest metallurgical companies in the world visited Assarel-Medet JSC on September 12.

  The visitors led by Jurgen Schachler, General CEO of Aurubis Group, the members of the Supervisory Board of Aurubis Group Dr. Karl-Friedrich Jacob, Renate Hold-Yilmaz, Jan Koltze, Stefan Schmidt, Dr. Elke Lossin, Melf Singer and Tim Kurt, CEO of Aurubis Bulgaria, held a work meeting with the management of the company. The chairperson of the Supervisory Board of   

Assarel-Medet JSC, Dimitar Tsotsorkov ,presented the projects of the company for long-term development and investment in modern equipment, new technologies, environmental protection at the amount of 1.2 billion BGN from 1999  to 2017.

 “Our partnership with Aurubis Bulgaria in Pirdop can serve as an example for the other companies in our industry. I am confident that our fruitful cooperation will continue in the future and we will work together to improve the competitiveness of the mineral raw material industry in Bulgaria and prosperity in the Sregnogorie region”, said Dimitar Tsotsorkov, chairperson of the Supervisory Board of  Assarel-Medet JSC.

  The visitors saw the company history exhibition and the attractive collection of old mining equipment. Then, they visited the Dispatch Building of the Assarel Mine and the reconstructed Section I at the Assarel Concentrator Plant. The Operations and Technical Activities Director in the company, eng. Ivan Cholakov, introduced to them the automated system for mining fleet control, cyclic flow conveyor belts for ore and waste haulage, ore processing and flotation processes, rehabilitation of mining areas and bioagriculture in proximity to the company.  The Investment Projects and Development Director, eng. Ivaylo Vasilev, presented part of the long-term development projects and modernization of the operations.


At the end of their visit, the guests from Aurubis expressed their admiration of the site sharing that equipment and technologies at Assarel-Medet JSC are at world level.