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Dr. Karl Mistleberger,
President Of Voest Alpine Intertrading Ag, Austria

“I do hereby express our joint opinion and satisfaction from the cooperation between VOEST ALPINE INTERTRADING AG and Assarel-Medet JSC which started in the late 1993, the first years of the Bulgarian company’s transition to the market economy principles, with signing the first contract for sale of copper cathodes at the amount of $2 000 000 US Dollars. In the person of the management team for the time being and especially of the Executive Director, Dr. eng. Lachezar Tsotsorkov, we met professionals dedicated to their work and ready to do even the impossible for the company’s development and success and thus for the region where it is located.”

Bozhidar Danev,
Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce

The Assarel-Medet Mining and Processing Complex is an enterprise which has deserved the respect of business media and the public due to the conquered significant and unique place in Bulgarian industry.
The high quality production of the company is preferred and demanded on the Bulgarian and international market. In this regard the numerous business contacts with some of the most famous Bulgarian and foreign companies and clients are an indication of it. All this undoubtedly deserves respect.
The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce conducts a large scope of initiatives and activities supporting companies in our country. In this direction we found the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology as a responsible and active partner one of whose pillars is indisputably Assarel-Medet JSC. We are convinced that being partners we will be able to accomplish a lot of other joint initiatives”.

Prof. Marin Ignatov, PhD
International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations, Vienna, Austria:

“Dr. eng. Lachezar Tsotsorkov wrote and defended a thesis describing the application of a new approach for corporate culture improvement. With his assistance the Carl Duisberg Association, Koeln, Germany, experimented an approach for environment friendly business management in a number of Bulgarian companies. In 1997 both Dr. eng. Lachezar Tsotsorkov and me had the honor to present a joint report to the specialized committee of the United Nations concerning the issues of the environment friendly methods in the mining industry. What has always impressed me is that Dr. eng. Lachezar Tsotsorkov sets as his goal to define the successful corporate strategy as a system of rules of behavior, common shared values and trends. He endeavors to develop modern corporate culture not as a system borrowed from abroad but as a system considering the traditions of our town, where during the Bulgarian Revival craftsmen and traders managed to gather a material basis for a successful national liberation struggle at the cost of hard work and privations. Such an impulse, characteristic for the Revival can be felt in the entire Assarel-Medet JSC.”

Prof. Ilia Tsenev, PhD
Manager of Practica OK Ltd.

“Our joint activity with your organization dates back to the period 1993-1994 when we implemented together the first in Bulgaria Computerized System for Ingoing Control of Purchased Materials and Raw Materials. In our opinion, the biggest challenge for you occurred during the development and implementation of the first in the high risk heavy industry in our country Integrated Management System for quality management, environment and labor conditions in compliance with the ISO 9001/ ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 standards. Anyone who understands the activities related to an international certification would regard this deed is an indication of a very serious confidence in one’s own abilities and competences.
I do not want to keep it a secret from anyone that for a large part of my work with Assarel-Medet JSC I have used the book Foundations of Corporate Culture by Dr. eng. Lachezar Tsotsorkov which contains theoretical and practical case studies in the area of mining and processing companies management. Consequently I have worked with other companies from the same branch but I have repeatedly found out that your book is very popular in the professional circles for mining and processing of ore and non-metalliferous resources.”

Ass. Prof. Ivan Kalchev, PhD

“Assarel-Medet Mining and Processing Complex occupies firmly the first place in the development of open pit copper ore mining and processing in Bulgaria and one of the leading places in the world.
The company has been working and making profit successfully by selling the recovered concentrate at the world exchange which means that it competes with all processing companies taking into consideration the fact that the ore metal grade is minimal. The possible world peak for production under the conditions which Assarel-Medet JSC encounters has been reached.
The company’s management team and employees deserve respect and admiration. They work at a very high professional level and the world standards in all areas are achieved.
I cordially wish to Assarel-Medet JSC to be No. 1 always and everywhere”

Prof. Stoyan Hristov, PhD

“Assarel-Medet JSC maintains its activity at a world level and it is always up-to-date with the latest achievements in science and technology in the area of mining and geology”